Voodoo Dance!

Here's miss Voodoo doing a little dance

Penelope Pitstop : Undelivered Gift

A while ago I was at Megacon and started up a fun conversation with a chick at one of the booths.  All about cartoons and old TV shows...was a lot of fun and she said she wished her friend would make her a Penelope Pitstop cosplay outfit.  She gave me her number and I gave her my e-mail but she never got back to me so I drew this here picture of what she might look like as Penelope...So I at least got a fun picture out of the whole deal :)

Idle Hands

Sometimes girls can be so cute when they can't figure out what to do with their hands when they're nervous

More Crackers Please

Here's Crackers again...this time less well drawn...I spent more time on the expression and design than the drawing itself

Gravity Works

Sometimes even the best of us can't always keep our feet under us

Crackers and Crows

And so it begins...again...once more...anew...additionally...redundantly...
I think I'll name him Crackers